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Carreli Jeans® stands as a testament to the visionary spirit of its founder, Daniel Abissidan. Rooted in the late 1980s, Daniel's journey began with a rich background in owning multiple denim boutiques across Montreal and its vibrant surroundings. In recognizing the escalating demand for uncompromising quality in denim, he set out to redefine the industry's standards, all while ensuring accessibility to fashion enthusiasts.

The hallmark moment arrived in February 1989, marking the official launch of the Carreli Jeans® label. It was then that the iconic Sarah style emerged, capturing hearts globally and swiftly reaching a remarkable milestone – over one million pairs sold worldwide. Today, the Sarah style continues to hold its esteemed place as a timeless staple in the brand's distinguished collection.

Carreli Jeans® has evolved into a beacon of excellence within Canada's denim landscape. Helmed by founder Daniel Abissidan and his three sons, Neir, Jeremie, and Jordan, the brand epitomizes a seamless blend of tradition and innovation. The Abissidan family's unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge design has propelled Carreli Jeans® to the forefront of Canada's premier denim brands.

This sartorial success story has transcended borders, as Carreli Jeans® now boasts a robust presence across North America, Europe, and Australia. With an extensive network of over 1000 retailers and specialty boutiques, the brand seamlessly delivers premium denim experiences to a diverse global audience.

At Carreli Jeans®, our journey is not just about denim; it's about crafting narratives of style, passion, and enduring quality. Join us as we continue to weave the fabric of fashion excellence, where every pair of Carreli Jeans® is a testament to a legacy built on innovation, family values, and a relentless pursuit of sartorial perfection.



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